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Macromedia Contribute, later Adobe Contribute, was a software application for editing website content from a desktop computer. It was originally developed by Macromedia, allowing a wider variety of people within an organization to update web pages by reducing the amount of web design skills necessary for the process.


Contribute is primarily used by non-programmers as it employs an intuitive WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) development environment, which allows those with little or no programming experience to keep websites and blogs edited and updated with content.


Contribute removes the need to have multiple programs to carry a simple task such as changing a spelling mistake, e.g. text editor, FTP, etc. Several users can update a given website simultaneously. Contribute will check whether the page a user is trying to amend is already being edited by others in order to prevent page version conflicts. There is also a page rollback feature that allows easy recovery from possible problems. Administrators can ensure the style, code, and integrity of a website is maintained while allowing users to update the site's content. Administrators can assign different editing permissions to users; for instance, some users might only be able to edit the text on a page, while others would have more options. Templates created with Macromedia Dreamweaver can be used in Contribute as well. Allows to keep website content fresh and blog entries current with a single application Contribute lets one manage multiple blog accounts and also allows offline blog entry creation.


Contribute is a client-side tool. This means that you will only be able to edit a website on a desktop that has Contribute. Contribute requires that every user be licensed. This can be a costly process if there are a lot of users set to update a website. Contribute is a website editing tool, not a website development tool. A web developer is still required to build the inital website design (usually using Dreamweaver templates). Contribute edits one page at a time, making complex design elements such as navigation menus hard to manage if they aren't controlled through a single source, like a database, Server Side Includes, or XML file. Updating a website's content through Contribute can be a much slower process than using a more development-oriented tool, such as Macromedia Dreamweaver and an FTP program, since each page must be downloaded (and uploaded) individually. User cannot access source code, therefore any function code must be edited in a secondary program such as Dreamweaver.

Product history

The first version of Contribute from Macromedia supported Windows only.[1] Mac OS X support was added in Contribute 2.[2] After Macromedia was acquired by Adobe Systems in December 2005,[3] support for both platforms was continued with Adobe Contribute 4,[4] which also included Macromedia FlashPaper 2.[5]

Server component

Contribute Publishing Server added support for centralized user authentication and logging of site changes from Macromedia Contribute 3 through Adobe Contribute CS4.[6]


Adobe Contribute 6.5 is the final version, which was declared "end of life" in March 2017. Adobe stated that users had been migrating to other features in Adobe Creative Cloud.[7] In August 2018, the Contribute webpage redirected to Adobe Captivate as a replacement product.[8]


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